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As the most important part of any diet software application is how it records what foods you eat, we have made sure the DietController Food Log screen is really easy to use.


The main features of the Food Log are:

Very fast food search, searches as you type
View the full nutritional value for every food
Remembers most frequently eaten foods
Add new foods to the database
Create a food or menu from other items
Cut and copy single or multiple lines
Copy entire days from one day to the next
A quick panel showing daily nutrient breakdown
Make menus from your favorite foods
Minimize one or all of the panels, for more space
Automatically saves your data as you go
Screenshot slice, searching for food dropdown, Windows XP Screenshot

There are many different ways to add a food to your daily food log. You can search for a food by simply typing the first few letters of the word or words you are looking for in the main spreadsheet area.

DietController also gives you the ability to copy an entire days log from one day to any other, or just copy one meal or single food across.

If the food you're looking for is not found you can simply and quickly add it to the database. When adding a new food you need only enter the nutritional values you're interested in. Foods can include multiple portion sizes to make logging as easy as possible.

Keep track of your daily calories and nutrients using the Meal and Day totals plus several summary panels.

The food log screen is completely customizable, you can change which nutrients are shown, the number and names of the meals, the colors of the various sections and the font.




DietController is only an aid to help with fitness and dieting, and does not offer medical advice.
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