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Note for owners of Mac 1.x versions

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Installing DietController on Mac OS X:

The Mac App Store will take care of downloading and installing DietController.




Change History:

Version 2.0.0

  • Updated Mac version for Mac App Store

Version 1.80 (Feb 2012)

New Features:

  • Updated database from USDA SR24

Version 1.70

New Features:

  • Updated database from USDA SR23

Version 1.60

New Features:

  • Added optional plotting of goal values to summary chart

Version 1.51

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fix for report view occasionally showing html text

Version 1.50

New Features:

  • Switch to latest version of JavaHelp

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fix for categories tab when modifying foods

Version 1.40

New Features:

  • Updated database to USDA SR22.

Version 1.30

New Features:

  • Added Percentage calories for Carbohydrates, Protein, Fat and Alcohol to metrics that can used in charts and reports.

Version 1.23

New Features:

  • Improved dialog layouts.

Version 1.22

New Features:

  • Added Page Setup dialog to Chart and Report views.

Version 1.21

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fix for user dialog not displaying when running java 1.6.0_12

Version 1.20

New Features:

  • Updated database to USDA SR21.

Version 1.16

New Features:

  • Added previous date column to measurement view and report (user request).

Version 1.15

New Features:

  • Added FAQ to help.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Spelling correction in reports.

Version 1.14

New Features:

  • New Food Detail Report allows printing of recipe and other user added food data.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Sort user foods alphabetically in reports
  • Word wrap journal section of daily report
  • Show nutrients in three columns to save space in daily report.

Version 1.13

Bugs Fixed:

  • Data file timestamp updated on close to ensure backup in Mac Time Machine

Version 1.12

Bugs Fixed:

  • Measurement view previous value not always shown

Version 1.11

Bugs Fixed:

  • Summary chart not plotting values against correct axes (when multiple units displayed)
  • Some charts/reports always re-selected Calories when shown.

Version 1.10

New Features:

  • Shopping list report
  • Password protect database
  • Help text changed to Mac centric with Mac images
  • Improved portion validation
  • Improved report printing ref background colors

Bugs Fixed:

  • Popup food selector in Food and Menu dialogs fixed
  • Ctrl-click in logs fixed for one button mouse

Version 1.08

New Features:

  • Export and Backup dialogs use native file chooser on Mac.
  • Order of dialog buttons changed on Mac and Linux.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Work round to prevent popup food selector showing above other windows on Mac.

Version 1.07

New Features:

  • Popup Nutrient window (optional) for selected item in food dropdown.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Pressing Enter on a meal line will no longer select previously chosen food.

Version 1.06

New Features:

  • Food Summary changed to Line Summary, this now shows a summary for the selected lines, which can be a single food line, a meal or a number of selected food lines.
  • Added Linux installer that will create desktop and menu shortcuts
  • Windows version now checks for suitable Java version and directs the user to download if not present.

Version 1.05

New Features:

  • Creating a new food/exercise from a quick entry will copy values from the quick entry.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Copying food details to a new food was hiding copied food.
  • Calorie Balance chart sometimes used wrong metabolic rate.
  • Exercise definition only showing integer values.
  • Unlinked food/exercise log entry icon not always updated.

Version 1.04

Fixed bug where New Food dialog was being hidden behind food search dropdown.

Version 1.03

Allow entry of % daily values in food dialog.
Fixed bug where first character was being lost in grids (in Mac 0S X 10.5 Leopard).

Version 1.02

Calorie breakdown now shows calories from fat/carbohydrate/protein percentages relative to sum of calculated calories for fat/carbohydrate/protein rather than actual calories, this makes percentages sum to 100%.

Version 1.01

Bug fix for locales (French Canadian) using comma as decimal separator.


Previous Version Downloads:

Mac OSX version 1.80

Windows version 1.80

Linux version 1.80


Note for existing owners of Mac 1.x versions:

  • The new Mac 2.x version is only available through the Mac App Store, existing owners of 1.x versions wishing to upgrade will need to purchase the new version via the Apple App Store (there is no free upgrade to this version).
  • Version 2.x removes the Food/Exercise Browser and Category Finder tabs.
  • The Export dialog now exports a single file at a time.
  • The database in 2.x is stored in a different place (due to the App sandboxing required by the Mac App Store)
  • To copy your data from version 1.x to 2.x you must make a backup of your 1.x data then restore it to version 2.x
  • Version 2.x is only supported on Mac OS X 10.7 and above.
  • You can still download the last version of 1.x for Mac from here.
DietController is only an aid to help with fitness and dieting, and does not offer medical advice.
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