DietController - Features

DietController's Main Features:

Over 7000 foods, with more than 9000 portion sizes
Over 200 exercises
Super fast search as you type for foods and exerices
Quickly add new foods and exercises to the database
Add multiple portion sizes to foods for easy logging
Create new foods from lists of ingredients.
Cut, copy and paste food lines between days.
Drag and drop foods to/from the favorites finder
Create printed reports and charts
Direct spreadsheet entry of data, no slow dialogs or internet pages
Full undo and redo, if you make a mistake simply press the undo button to revert the change.
Customizable interface, change font, colors, nutrients shown etc
Find foods in multiple ways: by name, favorites or foods you've used before.
Backup and restore your data for safekeeping and to transfer from Mac to Mac.
Export data to text files (csv) for import into wordprocessor or spreadsheet.
Supports multiple users all sharing the same food database.
DietController is only an aid to help with fitness and dieting, and does not offer medical advice.
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